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That feeling you get when you see your favorite restaurant or store turn its open sign on—that’s a feeling we want to protect. So we started Open Sign Project: a product-driven initiative to connect Richmonders with local businesses and philanthropic organizations. Our first product, the Open Sign Calendar, is available now for preorder. 

The Open Sign Calendar is a donation calendar that celebrates Black-owned restaurants and supports the RVA Community Fridge initiative. 

meet the entrepreneurs

Behind every restaurant is an entrepreneur. Behind every entrepreneur is a story. Explore how these local restaurants and entrepreneurs got their start.

funds raised

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the open sign calendar

This calendar is a celebration of Black-owned restaurants in Richmond. Each calendar month, from March 2021 to February 2022, features a different entrepreneur alongside a quote from our interview with them. Our partners, BLK RVA and Richmond Tourism, were instrumental in helping us choose which restaurants to feature. It’s our hope that next time you’re getting takeout or going out to eat—you’ll consider giving your business to one of these twelve restaurants. And that you’ll also consider looking up other Black-owned restaurants in Richmond beyond just the ones we were able to highlight. 

One-hundred percent of calendar profits go directly to RVA Community Fridge: a grassroots group of BIPOC community leaders who are promoting equal access to healthy food, by giving it away for free.